Tvs Zeppelin R Price in India – Full Details, Mileage & Release Date 2022

A Revolutionary Electric Vehicle

What if you could travel in style without breaking the bank? That’s what the TVS Zeppelin R offers. This cutting-edge electric vehicle is perfect for those who want to travel in a luxurious way without hurting the environment. Not only is this car comfortable and stylish, but it’s also one of the most efficient on the market. So if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and luxurious way to travel, the TVS Zeppelin R is the perfect option for you.

TVS Zeppelin R is available in India and the price of this Cruiser bike is 150,000 Rupees in India. TVS Zeppelin R contains a 220 CC single Cylinder engine. TVS is one of the best Indian automobile industry because TVS has the proper market demand.

Previously TVS has produced many popular bike like Apache RTR, Apache 4V. TVS make their bike for every class of people. Not everyone needs the sport bike . There are also some people who use to like Cruiser bikes also. For those customers TVS has brought this bike which contains all sorts of thing that a Cruiser bike lover needs.


Name TVS Zeppelin R
Engine 220 CC 
Engine type Single Cylinder
Brakes Style Double Disc Brake
Tyre Details Tubeless Tyre
ABS Dual Channel ABS Braking system

These are the principal specifications of TVS Zeppelin R Cruiser bike but, this bike also has other features including LED tail lights, this bike has digital speedometer, digital Odometer, digital trip meter and also digital Tachometer. This bike contains Fuel gauge which will provide the suitable mileage to the users. TVS is going to add the upgraded braking system to this cruiser bike. You will get 140 section rear tire and 100 section front tire with spoke wheels.

Engine details:

TVS has made this concept bike for the future and they have developed the engine of this bike like that. This is a 220 CC engine which is also air cooled. Engine produces power of 18.5 Nm and 20PS. Zeppelin R uses Li-ion 48V battery as it’s power source and it can achieve 130 kilometers per hour.

TVS has made one of the best concept of Cruiser bike engine. As a Cruiser bike 130 top speed is really impressive thing. If you know about the engine quality of TVS then you will be able to guess the power of a TVS bike engine. It will provide the best services to the rider. Moreover that TVS has made the perfect combination to build a proper Cruiser bike.

TVS Zeppelin R Mileage:

The TVS Zeppelin is a luxury bike that comes with an impressive 0-130 kmph acceleration and TVS Zeppelin R could give you 44 kmpl mileage per liter. This makes it one of the fastest sports bike on the market, and perfect for those who love to drive fast!

All of these factors should help you determine which TVS Zeppelin R is right for you. However, one thing that’s worth noting is that mileage can vary significantly from model to model – so make sure you take into account how many miles your specific unit has been ridden before making a purchase decision.

The Zeppelin R color:

Color is really important thing for a bike rider. So TVS is producing Zeppelin R in several colors. TVS Zeppelin R will be available in Brown and Black colours. Here they have coloured the bike like a regular Cruiser bike bit there are some special things in this bike which make the exception. Everyone will love this bike when they will watch the full view of this bike.

Is TVS Zeppelin R is Available now ?

TVS has made an incredible bike for the customers who love to ride with comfort. TVS has added all the advance element and technology in Zeppelin R. But at present this bike is not available in market. Cause TVS has announced the launch date of this bike and hope that customers will get the bike soon in the market.

But if you sure that you want this bike then you can pre-order it. Though the bike is still isn’t in the market but it will cost around 1 lakh and 50 thousands Rupees to be a owner of TVS Zeppelin R.

TVS Zeppelin R Release Date in India:

TVS has announced that the Zeppelin R will be available in India from January 2024. The TVS Zeppelin R is a high performance sports bike that features an all-new design language,Dynamic Suspension System (DSS), and Cruise Control.

This motorcycle has been designed for those who are looking for an exhilarating ride with excellent handling capabilities. It also comes with a number of other features that make it stand out from the rest, such as:

– Dynamic suspension system – This feature allows the bike to absorb shocks and bumps while maintaining its balance, which makes riding on rough roads much more comfortable.

– All new design language – The TVS Zeppelin R’s sleek exterior design carries over into the inside too, where you’ll find soft leather seats and beautiful wood panels.

– Cruise control – If you want to take your riding experience to another level, then investing in this feature is definitely worth it! With cruise control enabled, you can effortlessly keep up with traffic without having to worry about braking or accelerating unnecessarily.


Overall, the TVS Zeppelin R is an amazing performance from TVS. The bike has set a new benchmark in terms of handling and power. It’s a reliable commuter that you can trust your life with! As for pricing, you will have to sell out about Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand for this beautiful ride.

For everyone else who is looking for a premium motorbike, we suggest keeping one eye on some other models as well but make sure you opt for something safe and dependable like the Zeppelin R.

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