Tesla Bot / Amazing Dojo Robot!

No need to work in the future, the solution came. Tesla Bot will do anything that has to be done again and again that is dangerous and annoying in daily life.


What is the tesla bot?

This time Tesla is appearing with a robot as artificial intelligence. This robot is designed to help people with all their daily tasks. Tesla is trying to bring this robot named Tesla Bot to the market by next year.

Because of this robot, whether you will do your work in the future or not will depend on your will. This amazing robot can be sent to anyone in the market instead of you, it will automatically perform your task.

Tesla founder Elon Musk said whether you work in the future will depend on your wishes. He claims that Tesla is the largest robot company in the world. “Our cars are like robots on wheels,” he said. The Tesla robot has been named Dojo.

 Tesla chief executive Elon Musk says Tesla is working on cars right now, but Tesla is building automated cars with automated computers. The same is true of robots. Dojo knows how to keep up with the world. This humanoid robot. It uses good sensors and batteries. One such prototype will hit the market in 2022.

This robot will be a friend of humans and humans will no longer need to do dangerous things.



The height of the robot will be 5 to 8 feet. It will have a screen, it will have important information in its head, it will have an autopilot system, it will have eight cameras. It will work just like an automated computer.

The same type of equipment used in automobiles will also be used here. This robot will do whatever you tell it to do. If you are asked to go to the market and if you are asked to repair the car, the car will be repaired.

So you can use this robot for all the tasks you need. It will be built in such a way that it will be able to perform heavy tasks just like humans. So, this humanoid dojo robot will be very Affordable.


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