Nokia 110 4G (2022) Price, Specifications & More Interesting Features in details

Today, we’re taking a look at the Nokia 110 4G. This mobile phone is a great option if you’re looking for a durable and affordable option that offers good performance. Plus, it comes with a number of features that make it a good choice for users. So read on to learn all about this mobile phone.

In my Life, Nokia 110 4G Is a memorable phone I’ve to say. Because it was the first phone that is used. It was an amazing phone I swear. I used That Phone for almost 4 years. But with the evolution of time and the availability of new smartphones at a price available at hand, I, like everyone else, leaned towards smartphones. But Great News Is Nokia Is Launching Nokia 110 With great 4G technology. In this article, we will discuss our memorable phone Nokia 110 4G 2022 edition. Let’s get started.

First let’s check New version of Nokia 110 phone specifications in short.


Nokia 110 4G Specs :

Nokia 110 is coming with dual sim supported technology. The looks and model are almost the same as the previous version of Nokia 110 but it has some minor updates. What we will discuss today. 1.8 inches TFT LCD with 65K colors 120 x 160 pixels of a display. Only 84.5 Grams in size is very easy to carry. With an in-built camera, you can capture photos and videos. If we come to its battery capacity, 1000mAh battery capacity will fulfill your charging-related needs. 1000mAh is enough for this phone, just think about it.

Nokia 110 4G

Nokia 110 Also contains some short features like FM Radio, Torch, and some pre-loaded games. Who never plays Snake Games on a Nokia phone? Who doesn’t like this game? Once I was spending all day playing only Snake and Bounce Game on my Nokia Phone. It’s true. The Interesting fact is, that Auto Call Recording Features are also available on this phone. You can store up to 8k+ songs on your phone guys. Its 32GB expandable storage will help you to store your favorite audio and video songs. It is amazing, I know.

Nokia 110 4G Price & Release Date:

Nokia 110 4G has been launched at 15th July 2022. The authority fixed the price of Nokia 110. Nokia 110 4G price in Bangladesh 3,799 Taka. Nokia 110 4G price in India 2,899 rupees. Nokia 110 4G price in Pakistan is Rs. 5,950. In USA price is about 44$. Nokia 110 4G price in Nigeria 17,550 NGN. Nokia 110 4G Price in Sri Lanka 11,295 LKR. 


Enough of the specs, right? It’s time to check its performance. And what can we say after testing this phone? Nokia 110 4G is a powerful competitor when it comes to the price range and performance. It does not contain any lag in general use and its battery life is just enough for you to forget about charging it frequently. Overall, this phone has been able ‘everything-for-everything’ formula of successful phones in past.

You can get your hands on Nokia 110 4G starting today at Rs 2,899.

That’s its for today guys. See you in another informative video. Signing off. Take care.


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