How To Clean Google Pixel Buds? – Step by Step Guide 2023

How To Clean Google Pixel Buds: Google Pixel Buds are one of the new gadgets that are rising in popularity. They are earbuds that come with Assistant built-in and they work with Google’s voice assistant, Google Home. They are also the first earbuds to feature Ambient Mode which helps you to hear words and notifications in any environment.

However, like any other electronic gadget, they can get dirty over time. In this blog post, we will detail how to clean Google Pixel Buds step by step. We will also give a few tips on how to keep your Pixel Buds in top condition for longer. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Google Pixel Buds:

Google announced the release of its new Pixel Buds earbuds back in July 28, and they’ve already become a sensation on the internet. What are Pixel Buds, and why are people so excited about them?

At their core, Pixel Buds are wireless headphones that work with Google’s Android operating system. They come in two models – standard and extra bass – and both offer excellent sound quality thanks to their powerful audio chips. 

How To Clean Google Pixel Buds

But that’s not all! The unique design of the buds also gives you convenient access to several features essential for an audiophile such as quick song skipping and crisper highs/lows. And best of all, they’re completely wireless which means there is no need for pesky cords getting in your way or taking up space in your pocket or bag. 

So if you’re looking for high-quality headphones that don’t require any cables whatsoever, then consider buying a pair of Pixel Buds.

How To Clean Google Pixel Buds?

Google Pixel Buds are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but they can get dirty quickly. Luckily, cleaning them is easy and straightforward – just follow these steps-

  • Clean The Charging case:
  1. To clean the exterior of the charging case, use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. The charging case’s magnetized pods can also be cleaned with a cloth or cotton swab, especially the charging contacts, to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. To remove scuff marks from the charging case’s exterior, dampen a lint-free cloth and apply it to the scuff marks. To avoid any damage, make sure to keep moisture out of any openings, like the USB-C port.
  3. Do not use any liquid to clean the inside of the charging case.
  • Clean The Earbuds:
  1. Gently clean the earbuds including the charging contacts with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
  2. To avoid damaging the surface, you can use water with a damp, lint-free cloth or cotton swab to the surface.

The best way to clean the earbuds that come with the Google Pixel Buds is to use one of the recommended cleaning methods:                                                                                                                                                   

  • A-Series: Do not use your ordinary cloth to clean your eyeglasses. Always use a lint-free cloth when cleaning your surfaces.
  • Pro: To clean the lens, start by using your lint-free cloth and if necessary, use an adhesive putty to help remove any debris.

The Google Pixel Buds A-series case is not water resistant, so make sure to dry the buds and their charging contact area thoroughly when putting them back into the case.

How to Clean AirPods:

Keeping in touch with loved ones is made convenient with Apple AirPods, but it’s not uncommon for them to accumulate dirt over time. Fortunately, maintaining their cleanliness is a simple and straightforward process. By following the recommended steps, you can ensure that your AirPods stay fresh and hygienic.

  1. Cleaning the AirPods:
    • Avoid running water over the AirPods.
    • Use a slightly dampened cloth with fresh water for cleaning.
    • Follow up with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to remove moisture.
    • Ensure the AirPods are completely dry before placing them in the charging case.
  2. Cleaning Agents:
    • Recommended cleaning agents include 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes, 75% ethyl alcohol wipes, or Clorox wipes.
    • Gently wipe the AirPods, avoiding the speaker’s meshes.
    • Do not use cleaning products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
    • Keep moisture away from the openings of the AirPods.
  3. Cleaning the Microphone and Speaker Meshes:
    • Use a dry cotton swab to clean the microphone and speaker meshes.
    • Avoid using sharp objects that may cause damage.
  4. Cleaning the Eartips:
    • Remove the ear tips from the AirPods.
    • Rinse them with water, but avoid using soap or household cleaners.
    • Dry the ear tips immediately before reattaching them.
  5. Cleaning the Charging Case:
    • Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to clean the charging case.
    • You can slightly dampen the cloth with isopropyl alcohol if desired.
    • Prevent any liquid from entering the charging ports to avoid corrosion.
    • Use a clean, dry, soft-bristled brush for the Lightning connector port.
    • Ensure the charging case is fully dry before placing the AirPods back in.

Remember to follow these guidelines provided by Apple to properly clean your AirPods and maintain their functionality.

How To Clean Google Pixel Buds

How to Clean Galaxy Buds:

If you’re using Samsung Galaxy Buds, you should definitely face the problem of dirtiness. If you want to clean your pixel buds follow the steps:

  1. Cleaning the Charging Contacts:
    • Wipe the charging contacts with a clean, soft cloth when they come into contact with sweat or any other liquid to prevent corrosion.
  2. Disassembly and Cleaning:
    • Carefully slide off the earbud tip or remove the wingtips (for Galaxy Buds Live).
    • Use a cotton swab and a dry brush to remove debris, earwax, oil, and dirt from the earbuds and tips/wingtips.
    • Avoid using metal or wire brushes that may cause damage.
    • Clean any air ducts present in the earbuds.
  3. Cleaning Inner Parts:
    • Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the inner parts of the earbud tips or wingtips.
    • Be methodical and gentle, aiming to remove dirt rather than adding anything.
  4. Cleaning the Charging Case:
    • Don’t forget to clean the charging case and the charging case contacts.
  5. Reassembling:
    • Once cleaned, reassemble the Galaxy Buds.

Following these steps will help ensure that your Samsung Galaxy Buds are clean and ready for continued listening enjoyment.

Your Questions Our Answers ( FAQ ) :

Ear wax is common and can build up over time, leading to ear blockage. This condition is known as ear drumsticks, and it’s caused by the accumulation of dry matter such as wax inside your ear canal. Ear wax can also cause Hearing Loss in high-risk individuals because it deposits on the outer layer of your auditory nerve.

To remove earwax from Google Pixel EARBuds, Wipe down the earbuds with a soft, dry cloth to remove any sweat or oil. To avoid damaging the surface, you can use water with a damp, lint-free cloth or cotton swab to the surface.

Earbuds are one of the most popular items that get dirty, and rubbing alcohol can be a great way to clean them. Simply use a soft toothbrush to gently remove any visible earwax or dirt. Rubbing alcohol will remove any dirt, oil, or earwax from the buds. Remember that the alcohol shouldn’t get inside the earbuds because it would be damp, not wet.

Yes, but there are some limitations to consider.  The Google Pixel Buds Pro are rated for IPX4 water resistance and the case that comes with them is rated for IPX2 water resistance.

Earbuds are one of the most common objects that get dirty, and cleaning them can be a hassle. However, there is an easy way to clean them that doesn’t require any special equipment or cleaners. All you need is to wipe down your headphones or earbuds in order to keep them clean.

You should make sure to clean your headphone earpads or earbud tips every week in order to keep them clean and free from bacteria. It is important to make sure that your headphones are disconnected and powered off before you store them. Or You can check Google’s official video about How to Clean Google Pixel Buds, which they uploaded on their official youtube channel – Made By Google.

While it is possible to clean your earbuds with alcohol wipes, this may not be the best option. Alcohol can damage the electronic components of your earbuds, and in some cases, even lead to hearing loss. It’s also important to note that alcohol wipes are often drying and harsh, which could cause irritation or further damage.


Now you know all the steps how to clean Google pixel buds of yours in such a way, that it does not cause any kind of harm to them.

It can be a tedious task if you are planning on cleaning your own Google Pixel Buds, so make sure you follow the right procedures before starting. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on what ingredients they contain and how safe they are.  

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