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Google Pixel 8 Pro Camera: A Photography Powerhouse with Smart Innovations

The new mobile photography Champion

The Google Pixel 8 Pro has made quite the buzz in the smartphone world and for a good reason. This flagship smartphone represents another milestone in Google’s relentless pursuit of smartphone photography excellence. As the Pixel series has always been known for its camera capabilities, it’s no surprise that the Pixel 8 Pro focuses primarily on a camera upgrade.

This article takes an in-depth look at the camera advancements and other features of the Pixel 8 Pro.

Pixel 8 Pro Camera:

Pushing Boundaries The Pixel 8 Pro’s camera system is the star of the show, building upon Google’s previous successes in computational photography. Let’s delve into the camera improvements:

1. Megapixels Galore: Google has upped the ante by increasing the megapixels in this smartphone’s camera modules. The ultrawide camera has jumped from 12 megapixels to a whopping 48 megapixels. It’s joined by a 50-megapixel main sensor and a 48-megapixel sensor for 5x optical zoom. The result is higher detail, improved color rendering, and less noise in your photos.

2. Megapixel Flexibility: A notable feature is Google’s approach to megapixels. By default, it combines the high-resolution images into a 12.5-megapixel final image, conserving storage while maintaining excellent quality. But you can opt for high megapixel mode when you need the full sensor’s resolution, perfect for printing or post-shot cropping.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Camera

3. RAW+JPEG Mode: Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the RAW+JPEG mode, providing editable RAW files for post-processing in software like Lightroom, coupled with a JPEG showcasing Google’s image enhancements. It’s a balance between flexibility and ready-to-share quality.

4. 5x Optical Zoom: The 5x zoom offers excellent image quality, especially in high-resolution mode. It’s a valuable tool for capturing distant subjects without the need for additional equipment.

5. Ultrawide Upgrade: The ultrawide camera now boasts higher resolution and improved autofocus. While it may not match the quality of the primary camera, it excels in macro photography, adding a creative dimension to your shots.

The “Pro” Experience

Exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro are the new “Pro” settings, a set of controls aimed at empowering the user with more customization:

1. Resolution Control: These settings allow you to adjust the resolution from 12 MP to the full 50 MP, giving you control over your image quality.

2. RAW+JPEG: Selecting this mode enables you to capture both RAW and JPEG files, perfect for editing enthusiasts who want the utmost control over their shots.

3. Lens Selection: The Pro settings enable manual lens selection, allowing you to pick between the three hardware lenses. This level of control is a welcome addition but may require some familiarity with photography to maximize its benefits.


The Pixel 8 Pro‘s camera enhancements extend to macro photography. The improved ultrawide camera’s resolution and autofocus make macro shots truly outstanding. However, it’s essential to note that achieving the perfect macro shot can be a bit challenging in outdoor conditions with factors like wind and lighting affecting the results.

Nevertheless, the results are stunning and suitable for digital sharing.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

The Bigger Picture

So, is the Pixel 8 Pro worth the hype? In a world where smartphone manufacturers strive to make incremental improvements, Google’s focus on photography continues to set it apart. The Pixel 8 Pro’s camera system shines in the following areas:

1. Selfie Camera: The front-facing camera produces impressive results. Portrait mode, dynamic range, and color rendering are top-notch. When it comes to capturing your best self, the Pixel 8 Pro excels.

2. Pocket Photography: While dedicated cameras are still superior, the Pixel 8 Pro’s 5x optical zoom and high-resolution modes reduce the need for lugging around additional equipment. It’s a compelling choice for photography enthusiasts on the go.

3. Ultrawide Improvement: The ultrawide camera’s enhanced resolution and autofocus make it more versatile, especially in macro photography, adding a creative dimension to your shots.

Pixel 8 Pro vs. the Smartphone World

Now, let’s compare the Pixel 8 Pro to the broader smartphone market. While it’s clear that the Pixel 8 Pro is a photography powerhouse, its overall value needs to be weighed against other considerations.

Innovation in a Stagnant Industry: The smartphone industry has reached a point of saturation where innovations are more incremental than revolutionary. Display resolutions have plateaued, and it’s in the camera department that improvements are most evident.

Software-Centric Approach: Google’s emphasis on computational photography aligns with its identity as a software and AI company. The Pixel’s camera improvements over the years have largely been software-driven, showcasing Google’s commitment to utilizing algorithms for enhancing photography.

Pixel’s Journey to Excellence: The early Pixel phones had their ups and downs, but it was with the Pixel 6 that Google truly revitalized the line. A hardware redesign, first-party silicon, and significant camera updates marked a shift in focus. Subsequent releases have been more iterative, emphasizing the importance of deliberate changes when targeting a broad consumer audience.

What’s New: Bright Display and Temperature Sensor

Beyond the camera, the Pixel 8 Pro introduces two key hardware features:

Bright Display: The Pixel 8 Pro’s display is exceptionally bright, with a peak brightness of 2,400 nits. This is a notable improvement that enhances visibility under direct sunlight.

Temperature Sensor: Google’s addition of a temperature sensor is unique but somewhat puzzling. The accompanying Thermometer app warns against using it for body temperature measurement. It’s designed for surface temperatures, which might have limited everyday use.

The Power of Custom Silicon: Following Apple’s lead, Google ventured into creating first-party silicon with the Tensor G3 chip. While it might not match the Snapdragon 8 Gen platform in raw numbers, the Tensor G3 chip empowers AI-based photography and editing, introducing features like Real Tone and Best Take for more accurate and creative photography.

Unprecedented Software Support

One standout feature of the Pixel 8 Pro is Google’s promise of software updates for seven years. This is a substantial advantage, allowing users to keep their phones longer and extending their value.

Pixel 8 Pro Camera

The Pixel 8 Pro is all about the camera. Google’s unwavering commitment to photography excellence shines through its megapixel improvements, Pro settings, and enhanced ultrawide and macro capabilities. While it’s not a groundbreaking leap over its predecessor, the Pixel 8 Pro offers a substantial upgrade in a smartphone market characterized by incremental changes.

As for the $100 increase in price, it positions the Pixel 8 Pro in the $1,000 flagship category, blurring its identity as a budget-focused alternative. However, the long-term software support and the camera’s undeniable prowess make it a compelling choice for those seeking a top-tier smartphone for photography and more.


While the smartphone industry grapples with incremental changes, Google’s commitment to enhancing smartphone photography remains unwavering. The Pixel 8 Pro isn’t just a phone, it’s a testament to Google’s pursuit of perfection in smartphone photography. The camera system stands out, the software support is unmatched, and the innovation continues.

Whether or not the human race endures for the full seven years of promised software updates, one thing is certain – the Pixel 8 Pro is ready to capture it all.

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