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Does iPhone 15 have 120Hz ProRes Display?

Does iPhone 15 have 120Hz ProRes Display? Apple’s annual iPhone launch event is a moment of anticipation and excitement. This year’s lineup promised a dynamic island pill-shaped notch, the potent A17 Pro Bionic chipset, a remarkable 48MP camera sensor, and a host of camera features designed to elevate mobile photography to new heights. Let’s discuss whether Does iPhone 15 have 120Hz ProRes Display?

Does iPhone 15 have 120Hz Display?

One area of significant improvement was the iPhone 15’s display, boasting a peak brightness of up to 2,000 nits. This enhancement ensured vivid visuals and enhanced outdoor readability. However, the pivotal question remained: Did the iPhone 15 include a 120Hz ProRes display?

The Clear Answer, No 120Hz ProRes Display for iPhone 15.

Regrettably, the answer to this question is a clear no. The iPhone 15 maintains a 60Hz display, and Apple has chosen to reserve the prized ‘ProRes’ 120Hz feature exclusively for its premium models—the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The ‘ProRes’ designation itself underscores Apple’s intention to limit this feature to its top-tier, professional-grade smartphones.

The Wider Adoption of High-Refresh-Rate Displays

While the ‘ProRes’ feature remains exclusive to Apple’s Pro iPhones for now, the broader smartphone market landscape tells a different story. High-refresh-rate displays, offering 90Hz or 120Hz, have become increasingly common across the spectrum, from budget-friendly mid-range devices to flagship models.

iPhone 15 Series Display

A Glimpse into the Future: iPhone 16 and Beyond

Although the iPhone 15 did not usher in the era of a 120Hz ProRes display for non-Pro models, it’s crucial to remember that Apple’s product roadmap is constantly evolving. Apple is known for its adaptability to industry trends and responsiveness to user feedback.

Given the growing consumer demand for smoother, more responsive screens, it is conceivable that Apple might introduce this feature in future non-Pro iPhone models, perhaps as soon as the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro in 2024.

Conclusion: Does iPhone 15 have 120Hz ProRes Display?

In summary, the iPhone 15‘s omission of a 120Hz ProRes display is a clear choice by Apple to reserve certain features for its Pro lineup. However, it’s important to recognize that the tech landscape is dynamic, and Apple is always attuned to changing consumer preferences. As expectations evolve, the iPhone series is likely to adapt and innovate, ensuring that users receive the best possible experience with each new iteration.

So, to answer the question directly: No, the iPhone 15 does not feature a 120Hz ProRes display, but the future holds exciting possibilities for Apple’s display technology.

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