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Corsair K70 Max Features, Review, Awesome Details, Pricing & Release Date 2023

The Ultimate Gaming Keyboard is Here!

Corsair K70 Max Features, Review, Specs Details & Pricing: Corsair has long been known for quality and innovation in gaming accessories. Building on the success of its K70 series, the business has created a game-changing new product: the Corsair K70 Max RGB keyboard.

The Corsair K70 Max is a structure to Corsair’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of gaming technology, with a number of cutting-edge features suitable for the needs of passionate gamers.

The Corsair K70 Legacy & the Birth of Corsair K70 Max:

Corsair’s K70 RGB Pro and K70 RGB Pro Mini were already Editors’ Choice winners when they were released. The K70 Max takes its place in this lineage because it’s a powerful gaming keyboard designed to appeal to the most demanding gamers and fans.

Corsair K70 Max Features

The original full-size layout of the Corsair K70 Max is retained, along with dedicated media controls and a volume roller. It combines beauty and functionality with a stylish Space Gray color scheme and PBT double-shot keycaps with per-key RGB lighting. The decorations pattern running over the top of the board is an interesting visual contrast between the K70 Max and the previous models.

Corsair K70 Max – Magnetic MGX Switches: A Paradigm Shift

The innovative magnetic MGX switches are at the heart of the Corsair K70 Max’s innovation. Like traditional mechanical switches, the MGX switches have changeable activation points. Gamers can adjust the point at which a keypress registers, with options ranging from 0.4mm to 3.6mm. This level of customization offers a unique advantage in a variety of gaming scenarios, ranging from precise aiming in FPS games to detailed plans in real-time strategy games.

In addition, due to its magnetic qualities, the MGX switches allow you to set up two functions to a single keystroke. This dual-assigned function expands the options available to players looking for different control schemes. Furthermore, the K70 Max’s Rapid Trigger function improves responsiveness by rapidly recognizing any downward or upward movement on the switch. Although Rapid Trigger will be available through a firmware update, its potential impact on professional gameplay is apparent.

Corsair K70 Max RGB Design and Features:

The Corsair K70 Max, which maintains the old gamer keyboard look, has a full 100% layout and lots of capabilities. A volume wheel, media controls, and variable illumination options cater to the different needs of gamers. The Space Gray color scheme and PBT double-shot keycaps, which shine with per-key RGB lighting, make the keyboard highly attractive.

Corsair K70 Max Leaked

An adjustable wrist rest gives an elegant touch, improving comfort during long gaming sessions. A tournament mode toggle, which disables macros and modifications for a competitive edge, and a detachable USB-C cord highlight the design’s attention to detail.

Corsair K70 Max iCue Software: The Key to Customization

Corsair’s user-friendly iCue software, which is available for Windows 10, 11, and macOS 10.15 and higher, makes it simple to customize all of the unique features of the Corsair K70 Max. The K70 Max works perfectly with iCue, which I personally tried on a Windows 11 PC. The majority of the keyboard’s new features can be found in the software’s “Key Actuations” section.

Users may easily organize keys into presets, each with a pair of toggles to specify customized actuation points and the ability to trigger multiple actions from a single key press. While the software could improve communication regarding the selection of multiple keys by requiring the use of a selection box or keyboard shortcuts, the slightly time-consuming process of setting up different activation presets for various profiles ultimately receives significant rewards by maximizing the unparalleled capabilities of the K70 Max’s remarkable MGX switches.

Corsair K70 Max RGB- Comparison and Uniqueness

The Corsair K70 Max rivals the Wooting Two HE, which costs $195. While the K70 Max is somewhat more expensive at $230, the additional $35 investment unlocks a number of exclusive capabilities not found in the Two HE. Notably, the K70 Max includes media keys as well as a Tournament Mode toggle, increasing its versatility.

However, it’s important to note that the K70 Max lacks a specific set of macro keys, which sets it apart in this regard. The selection between the two is mainly influenced by availability, which is a significant aspect of the decision to buy. Wooting’s batch manufacture frequently causes delivery delays, with the next batch of Two HE boards expected to arrive on August 23.

Corsair K70 Max Review

In contrast, the Corsair K70 Max is freely available for purchase, which is especially beneficial for individuals working outside of Europe, since they can potentially save on shipping costs. This element becomes important since shipping fees for the Wooting Two HE can negate the benefit of its lower pricing, as Canadian consumers who face a $29 CAD delivery charge discovered. Furthermore, Corsair’s future plans include outfitting other keyboards with unique MGX switches, allowing them to adapt to a variety of form factors.

While the K70 Max’s full-size design might not suit all preferences, it’s noteworthy that Razer has also entered the scene with a Synapse update. This update brings the Wooting feature set to the Huntsman V2 Analog and Huntsman Mini Analog, effectively granting access to the standout features of the K70 Max to a broader audience.


In the gaming world, the Corsair K70 Max RGB keyboard is an example of development and design. It attracts a specific number of gamers wanting the ultimate accuracy and customization, thanks to its unique magnetic MGX switches, adjustable actuation points, and dual-assigned functions. While the iCue software may be difficult for individuals who are new to the details of customization, those who dedicate time to understanding it will enjoy the benefits of unequaled control over their gaming experience.

The K70 Max highlights Corsair’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming gadgets. Its inclusion in the company’s historic lineup demonstrates Corsair’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience through innovative technologies. Whether gamers are looking for a competitive advantage or a personalized journey, the K70 Max RGB keyboard is an ideal partner on their gaming journeys.

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