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Best Dumbphone in 2023– 10 best Dumb phones Specifications

Smartphones have come a long way in the past few years, and there are now dozens of different models available on the market. However, not all smartphones are created equal – some offer better features than others. So which is the best dumbphone for you?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer to this question, as it depends on your needs and preferences. However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly phone that offers basic functionality and doesn’t cost too much extra money

We all know that today is the age of science. But along with the age of science, the present era can also be called the era of smartphones. Because wherever you look, you will see the smartphone in his hand. On the one hand, as the availability in terms of price, on the other hand, in line with the era, almost everyone is now leaning toward smartphones.

However, there are still many people who prefer to stay simple. For that kind of person, Dumbphone is the best choice. This is our article for them today. So without further ado, let’s Jump to the main article.

What Is Dumbphone?

First, we have to know What Is Dumbphone? Dumbphones are phones with low computing power without the internet. We know dumbphones are mostly known as feature phones or basic phones. Maybe, the dumb phone is named, in the opposite sense of the smartphone.

Many people take the help of dumbphones to get themselves out of their addiction to smartphones. Many people say that peace has returned to their lives due to the closure of smartphones. So let’s talk about the Best 10 dumb phones in today’s article.

Best Dumbphone In 2023:

Dumbphones are the phones from the first generation wireless communication system. There are many popular brands which used to manufacture dumbphones for customers. As dumbphones are the first generation phones so they were strongly made.

There are also some mobile phone brands which still use to manufacture smartphones but they also have manufactured many popular dumb phones in the past. I really need to mention Nokia and Motorola for some great examples of dumb phone brands. Here are some mentionable best top 10 dumb phones in 2022.

1. Nokia 2720 Flip Phone

Nokia 2720 Flip Phone

Key Specs:-

  •  Technology: 4G
  •  Display: 2.8 inches, 240 x 320 pixel
  •  Weight: 118 grams
  •  Rear Camera: 2MP
  •  Battery: 1500mAh Li-poly, Up to 700 hours Or 28 days in standby mode
  •  Storage: 4GB

Nokia 2720 Flip Specification In Detail :

As We know, Nokia is not just a brand, it is an emotion. Nokia’s Nokia 2720 Flip Phone was an Amazing Phone. This phone has been released on 05 September 2019. This phone supported 4G. 2.8 inches display with 240 x 320 pixels density is perfect for a dumbphone category. Very easy to use and handle. Weight only 118 grams.

Nokia 2720 Flip phone with a run on KaiOS. They used Qualcomm MSM8905 Snapdragon 205 (28 nm) as a Processor.  Dual-core (2×1.1 GHz Cortex-A7) as CPU and Adreno 304 as graphics. You can also click photos with its 2MP camera. Pictures will be not sharp as you expected but this is Alright for a dumbphone. It has a 1500 mAh battery which you can use for 28 days on standby mode. Nokia 2720 flip Price in USA 92$ Only.

2. CAT B35


Key Specs:-

  •  Technology: 4G
  •  Display: TFT 2.4 Inches, 160 x 120 pixel
  •  Weight: 130 Grams
  •  Rear Camera: 2MP
  •  Battery: 2300mAh Li-poly, Up to 720 hours in Standby mode.
  •  Storage: 4GB

Cat B35 Specification in Detail :

The CAT basically a brand, and this brand is associated with heavy machinery. This brand ‘CAT B35’ is a very interesting and feature-rich phone. CAT B35 includes 4G with TFT 2.4 inches display. You can use Google’s Map, YouTube, and Google Assistant as well. This phone has been run by KaiOS.

Qualcomm MSM8905 Snapdragon 205 (28 nm) chipset used in this phone also Dual-core (2×1.3 GHz Cortex-A7) as CPU and Adreno 304 as CPU. CAT used a 2300mAh Li-poly battery in this phone. You can use this phone 30 days nonstop in Standby mode and 12 Hours in talk time mode. This phone was already launched in October 2018. CAT B35 Price in USA 117$.

3. Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

Key Specs:-

  •  Technology: 3G
  •  Display: TFT 2.4 inches, 240 x 320 pixel
  •  Weight: 84.9 grams
  •  Rear Camera: 2MP
  •  Storage: 128 MB + microSD
  •  Battery: 1020mAh Li-poly, up to 370 hours in standby mode.

Nokia 3310 Specification in Detail:

The Nokia 3310 is also called Nokia’s most iconic phone ever. This phone will definitely boost your Nostalgia. Classic designs this phone includes 3G when other phones are launching 2G phones in the market. Nokia Use A TFT 2.4 inches display with 2MP rear camera in their phone.

Only 84.9 grams this phone is very easy to carry. This phone runs by YunOS. 1020 mAh Li-poly battery can give you 27 days of battery life in standby mode. This phone has been launched in February 2007. And now this is very tough to buy this phone in the market. Nokia 3310 Price in USA 50$.

4. Doro 1370

Doro 1370

Key Specs:-

  •  Technology: 2G
  •  Display: TFT 2.4 inches, 240 x 320 pixel
  •  Weight: 106 grams
  •  Rear Camera: 3MP + Flash
  •  Storage: 8 MB
  •  Battery: 1000mAh Li-poly, Up to 520 hours in Standby Mode

Doro 1370 Specification In Detail:

Doro Is an amazing Mobile Manufacturer brand. They always wanted to help people use their technology to stay free and independent and also targeted the over-60s.

Doro Uses TFT 2.4 inches wide display in this phone. 106 grams this phone has a 3MP rear camera for taking photos and videos. For storage, Doro uses 8MP internal memory in it. Doro 1370 phone has been launched 8 September 2018 but this phone is not available in the USA. Doro 1370 price in USA 182$.

5. Nokia 225 4G

Nokia 225 4G

Key Specs:

  •  Technology: 4G
  •  Display: TFT LCD 2.4 inches, 240 x 320 Pixel
  •  Weight: 118 grams
  •  Rear Camera: 0.3 MP
  •  Storage: 128 MB
  •  Battery: 1150mAh Li-poly

Nokia 225 4G Specification in detail:

Here we come to Nokia Brands Another Phone – Nokia 225 4G. T avoid the damage of modern smartphones, here is another great choice. To this, you can take and receive calls only. Nokia 225 4G contains TFT LCD 2.4 inches display with 256K colors. For capturing photos you’ll get a 0.3MP camera.

For storage, it has a 128MB internal storage capacity. If we talk about its battery, Nokia Uses a 1150mAh Removable battery which can give you 20 days of battery life in Standby mode. Nokia 225 4G is Launched on 17 October 2020. This phone is available in the market. Nokia 225 4G Price in USA 49$.

6. Doro 8080

Doro 8080

Key Specs:-

  •  Technology: 4G
  •  Display: IPS TFT 5.7 inches, 1440 x 720 Pixel
  •  Weight: 175 Grams
  •  Rear Camera: 16MP + LED Flash
  •  Front Camera: 5MP
  •  Storage: 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM
  •  Battery: 3200mAh

Doro 8080 Specification In Detail:

Doro is produced a lot of Dumb phones as well. Doro 8080 is one of them. To make this phone easier to use, they’ve added a layer to the popular Android operating system.

A more interesting fact is, with this phone, you can easily help your relatives via its remote technology, who can remote access your phone to ask you for remote help when they needed. 3200mAh battery with 16MP rear camera and 5MP front camera is very interesting as a Dumb phone. Doro 8080 Has been launched In February 2020. Doro 8080 price in USA 260$.

7. Sony Ericsson K750i

Sony Ericsson K750i

Key Specs:-

  •  Technology: 3G
  •  Display: TFT 1.8 inches, 176 x 220 pixel
  •  Weight: 99 grams
  •  Rear Camera: 2MP
  •  Storage: 38MB
  •  Battery: 900mAh

Sony Ericsson K750i Specification In Detail:

Sony Ericsson Series was the most popular phone when they launched their phones. This series most phones are known as dumbphones. That’s why Sony Ericsson K750i Is on our list. This 3G dumbphone contains 1.8 inches TFT display with 256k color. With a 2MP rear camera, you can click photos.

For storage, it has 38 MB of internal Storage. You can easily use this phone for almost 600 hours in standby mode with its 900mAh Li-Poly Battery. Sony Ericsson K750i was Already released in 2005. Maybe this phone is now out of stock. Sony Ericsson K750i price in USA 120$.

8. Motorola Razr V3

Motorola Razr V3

Key Specs:-

  •  Technology: 2G
  •  Display: TFT 2.2 inches, 176 x 220 pixel
  •  Weight: 95 grams
  •  Rear Camera: VGA
  •  Storage: 5.5MB
  •  Battery: 680mAh

Motorola Razr V3 Specification in detail:

Motorola Razr V3 was the most popular phone in 2004. Maybe this is the coolest Phone on the list. At that time it was the selling phone ever. This phone has two different displays with features. Also, have a VGA camera with a 680mAh long-lasting battery. You can use almost 280 hours in standby mode.

This phone’s Latest variant is out now, named- Motorola Razr 2022. You can check that phone also. Razr V3 was launched in 2004. This phone’s latest variant is now available in the market. Motorola Razr V3 Price In USA 599$. And you can also check Motorola’s recent foldable smartphone Motorola Razr 40 Ultra. or Motorola Razr Plus. This smartphone will be launched this year in June.

9. Nokia 105

Nokia 105

Key Specs:-

  •  Technology: 2G
  •  Display: TFT LCD 1.75 inches, 120 x 160 pixel
  •  Weight: 73 grams
  •  Rear Camera: No Camera
  •  Storage: 4MB
  •  Battery: 800mAh

Nokia 105 Specification In detail:

The Nokia 105 Is also known as the best Cheap Dumbphone. This phone is one of the most affordable models we could find ever. Nokia uses a 1.75 inches TFT LCD display with 65k colors.

That phone works on 2G networks with some pre-downloaded games like Snake Game was my favorite. 800mAh Li-Poly Removable battery can give you 15 days of battery backup on Only 1-time charge. This phone was launched in September 2019. Nokia 105 Price In USA 29$.

10. Nokia 5110

Nokia 5110

Key Specs:

  • Technology: 2G
  • Display: Monochrome graphic
  • Weight: 170 grams
  • Rear Camera: No camera
  • Battery: 600mAh
  • Storage: Unknown

Nokia 5110 Specification in detail:

Nokia 5110 was one of the first phones for the Nokia Industry and this phone was one of the first phones to include Mobile phone games like Snake Game and Eat-em-up.

This phone looks a little bit ugly to everyone further this phone is one of the best dumbphone in history. This phone has no camera and no storage capacity. Nokia 5110 only stores 8 dialed, 5 received, and 5 missed calls. Nokia 5110 was launched in 1998. Maybe now this phone is not available in the market. Nokia 5110 price in USA 38$.

Conclusion: Are Dumb Phones Making a Comeback?

Yes, there is a growing trend of people returning to dumb phones. This is likely due to the numerous benefits that they offer such as privacy, convenience, and reduced stress levels. Dumbphones are also becoming increasingly smarter which makes them more versatile and user-friendly.

One of the main reasons why dumbphones are gaining in popularity again is their ability to keep you connected even when you’re not near a cellular network or Wi-Fi connection. With features like offline maps, VoLTE (Voice over LTE), smart charging support for Voice calls and other apps, and app sync between devices, smartphones have largely replaced dumbphones in many cases

Smartphone addiction Is very dangerous and this addiction is currently taking a terrible form day by day. Many people have already started using dumbphones to avoid this smartphone addiction. According to a report by SEMrush firm, Google searches for a dumbphone jumped by 89% Between 2018 and 2022.

Now many people turning to dumbphones. Along with the buyer, the seller companies are also currently bringing the old dumb phone or feature phones to the market through some updates. Nokia And Motorola Already Launched some of their Feature phones this year. And as they wanted, they hyped a lot by releasing those phones.

So, Though Those dumbphones don’t have any interesting features but you’ll definitely get Durability and Battery life an affordable price. So if you think you’re addicted to the smartphone you can shift to a dumb phone guys.

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